“Cup & Saucer” is more than a name. It’s an idea, an experience. To us, coffee is more than hot, bean water. We want to create an unforgettable experience to share with you in hopes that you share that experience with others. Our goal is to take deliberate care in how we make each cup of coffee, from how we grind our beans to our various brewing methods. But more importantly, we hope to connect personally & intentionally with each human that walks through our door. We aim to cultivate an inviting environment where memories are shared. We invite you to join us, and sip a while.




Cup & Saucer is owned and operated by Molly Wilcox and Elisabeth Bowling. Both women have many years’ experience in the specialty coffee industry and each have a love for learning and improving on their craft.



Molly moved to Brevard with her husband, Neal, from Montana, after he fulfilled his Air Force duties. Both love the outdoors, good food, and living a simple life. Molly hopes that C&S can be a safe place for people to learn, grow and connect with others in the community.


Formerly a Georgia girl, Elisabeth moved to Brevard where she has come to enjoy the small, mountain town life. She enjoys the personal connections this town offers and hopes that C&S can reflect that. There is a deliberate process of serving each cup with the intent of building lasting relationships.